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Going for Gold NNAS Award

A 2 day & 1 evening course which is designed to prepare candidates for the Gold Navigator Award. This course is for people who have a good grasp of navigation, and wish to take their navigation skills to the highest level.  It is expected that you will have either completed the Silver NNAS Award, or undertaken training at this level.

The course will take place in the Peak District Moorland; we start with a short session in Foolow village hall, followed by poor visibility navigation on the Friday evening.  Saturday and Sunday are full days spent on Peak District moorland.

Poor Visibility
Advanced Moorland
Navigation 1
Advanced Moorland
Navigation 2
Friday 7th October now fully booked
Saturday 8th October
Sunday 9th October

Gold Navigator Award all 3 modules combined £165.00

Autumn Course Dates :

We are offering a 2 day summer option on 16th & 17th July 2022 for those who have already completed our Night Navigation course.

Summer Course Dates :

The Gold Navigator Award course takes your navigation skills a step further. At the end of this course you will be able to:

•    Utilise the skills and techniques of the Bronze and Silver Awards in the context of Gold Award navigation strategies.
•    Utilise contours and fine detail as the prime method of navigation.
•    Accurately: follow a route, judge distance, check progress against time, use relevant compass skills and maintain continuous map contact.
•    Use back bearings and transits to confirm current position.
•    Use aspect of slope as an aid to relocation.
•    Select appropriate techniques within an overall navigation strategy.
•    Navigate in intricate terrain in reduced visibility i.e mist or darkness.
•    Select an appropriate, safe route in relation to height gain and loss, dangerous terrain and other major hazards.
•    Assess the route ahead in the field in relation to prevailing conditions or changing circumstances (e.g. weather, time, ability/fitness) and re-plan the route appropriately if necessary.
•    Shorten a route, use an escape route and know emergency procedures.
•    Recognise the occurrence of a navigational error within a few minutes and apply appropriate relocation techniques.
•    Select appropriate clothing, equipment and first aid for walking in remote areas in all weather conditions.
•    Understand the physical demands created by hill and moorland terrain in all weather conditions.
•    Understand the effects of cold, heat, fatigue and discomfort on decision making and execution of a selected route.

The Gold National Navigation Award has recently been review and updated, and now includes pre- and post- course question papers.  The pre-course Paper will be given to candidates when they book with Peak Navigation Courses.

Peak Navigation Courses run the scheme as follows:
We have 3 training modules which you can attend as a weekend or separately in any order
1.     Advanced Moorland Navigation 1 – 1 day, Peak District, 7 hours

2.     Advanced Moorland Navigation 2 – 1 day, Peak District, 4 hours

3.     Night time / Poor Visibility Navigation – evening session, Peak District, 3 hours

After attending all three modules we will give you a consolidation plan and post course questions to complete.

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