Learn to use a compass

Learn to Navigate Using a Compass

If you have been walking and map reading for a while but have never mastered how to use a compass then this is the course for you!

Learn to use compass

The day starts by explaining how the compass works then takes you through a series of exercises demonstrating the many examples how using a compass can aid your navigation and get you out of bother should you become “misplaced.”

By the end of the course we aim to have you to a standard where you can use a compass to navigate safely across open moorland to find interesting and hidden features.

We are only offering this course as a personalised itinerary or for groups of up to 4. Contact us if you would like to discuss options.

The course starts with an inside session, followed by a walk through fields and easy terrain using a map and compass.
• a brief refresher about maps and scales, grid references and route planning
• how does the compass work
• what makes a good compass
• using a compass
• taking a bearing from the map & walking on it
• setting the map
• planning a route
• pacing and timing
• the various ways to follow a bearing
The course is based in Foolow, starting at 10:00 am and finishing at 4:30 pm.

From a recent course member:
“We both really enjoyed the compass course.  It was really informative, practical and gave us plenty of opportunity to practise the skills you were teaching us, which helped us to absorb the information provided.  The course was exactly what we were looking for and we would definitely recommend it to others.”