Choosing a Navigation Course

Are you undecided about which navigation course to choose? Navigation is more than just being able to read a map; this gives you an overview and some helpful pointers.

If in doubt, do get in touch either by email or phone and we will talk you through the options.

Introductory Courses
1st Steps to Map Reading and Navigation
Basic Navigation includes:
• Being able to understand and use a map;
• Being able to use a compass in a range of scenarios;
Being able to use pacing and timing as essential skills;
Being able to plan and follow a route safely.
This course covers all of the above and additionally takes a brief look at equipment, what to carry for a day out walking and how to summon help if things go wrong.
The 1st Steps course both follows paths through fields and moorland and covers techniques for walking on moorland off path.
Tutor to Student ratio 1:6

Navigation for Mature Walkers
This is delivered as a personalised 1 day course which covers all of the techniques listed in the 1st Steps Course but stays on path.
Tutor to Student ratio 1:1

Intermediate Courses
Silver National Navigation Award
This is a 2 day course and is suitable for anyone with some basic map reading experience but who wants to become a skilled navigator. Day 1 follows our 1st Steps course content whilst day 2 follows our Moving onto Moorland Course.
Tutor to Student ratio (maximum) 1:6

Moving onto Moorland
Building on from our 1st Steps Course, we start with some revision on the compass and pacing and head off for a day of walking. We spend time problem solving, how to follow a path on the map that is not on the ground. We look in detail at contour interpretation and introduce further compass skills, “aiming off” and back bearings.
The Moving onto Moorland course is mostly in access land with a lot of walking off path.
Tutor to Student ratio (maximum) 1:6

Night or Poor Visibility Navigation
A course of around 3 to 4 hours, designed to give you confidence in navigation should the mist come down or you finish your walk after dark. Ideally you should already know the basics of using a compass and the technique of pacing. The course starts with a short indoor session before heading off onto local moorland. We will be walking both on and off path.
Tutor to Student ratio 1:4

Advanced Navigation Courses
Gold National Navigation Award Training
This course builds on the Silver Award partly by introducing some new more advanced techniques such as aspect of slope; partly by extending the skills learned during the Silver course longer more precise legs using the compass; and partly by looking at the finer detail of the map and finding smaller finer features. This is the top level of navigation and you should be able to navigate anywhere in Britain in reasonable conditions. At the end of this course we give you feedback on what you need to do to complete the assessment. There are 3 parts to this course:
– Friday evening Night Navigation
– Saturday A day on Kinder Scout, our Advanced Moorland Navigation course.
– Sunday Advanced Moorland Navigation day 2
Tutor to Student ratio 1:4 (maximum)

Advanced Moorland Navigation
This is delivered as a personalised 1 day course designed for people who know the basics of using a compass who want to develop their Micro navigation skills in challenging terrain, plan strategies for navigation legs and relocation. If conditions allow we will look at skills such as back bearings and aspect of slope.
Tutor to Student ratio 1:1